Amy & Dan: What dreams are made of!

Amy and Dan are not only best friends but a live action Disney-type happily ever after type of couple. We’ve known Amy and Dan for several years now; so when they asked us to be their wedding photographers, we were over the moon with excitement! And with good reason, and their chemistry and love for each other makes them an actual dream to work with.

Their wedding was complete with a fairy tale worthy cabin at the top of Wickham Park in Manchester. Amy and Dan partied with their favorite people and had an emotional and beautiful first look in the oriental gardens. The love was contagious and as their photographers it was really hard to stop taking photos. The chemistry, smiles and fall foliage was truly magic. That was just the beginning as day turned to night and vows into dancing.

The gorgeous sunset over views of Hartford, the chill in the air, guests with whiskey in hand gathered around the cigar bar and ladies sharing hand-made wraps made for a cozy atmosphere and peaceful pockets of contentment in between the partying. It was absolutely happily ever after.

Erica & Steve, a "Cheesy" Love Story

It was a gloomy day in late summer. Clouds in the sky and misty precipitation. Not the day a beach bride-to-be imagined. Yet, that was not going to stop this from being the best day ever! After some Beyonce jams, a few glasses of champagne, laughs and deep breaths our bride was on her way to the beautiful Madison Surf Club to meet her handsome husband-to-be. Erica takes a little stroll along the beach with her parents - but this time it's to marry her best friend. Cue the I dos, the kiss and then the best party I've ever been to. As the photographer I try to stay in the background but with this crowd it was impossible! They were offering me drinks, pushing me to dance and feeding me pizza. Yes, PIZZA! Only the coolest couples hire the New Haven Pizza truck to cater their wedding - so that's exactly what they did. Erica and Steve didn't cut the cake but they did grab a slice and feed it to each other. As we were laughing, eating pizza and taking photos I remember Steve saying "This feels just like home" and I think that's what true love really is. Home.

Down with the Dowlings!

A few months ago, on a perfect partly cloudy day in March, we had the absolute pleasure of capturing the wedding day of two good friends, Michelle & Steve! Melissa did their engagement pictures back in 2017 (at beautiful Wickham Park), and since that was one of our favorite photoshoots to date, we were just oh so excited for their wedding day to roll around- we just knew it would be a day full of laughs, awkward moments, and lots of love. 

And we were so right! The day started out with mason jars full of mimosas, sword fights, and some downtime to play with Legos. What followed was easily one of the most fun filled weddings that either of us had ever been to! From the tear-filled mother-daughter dance, to the best man speech with nerf guns and the maid of honor speech with audience participation signs- this wedding was one for the books!

At the end of the day, however, what we were able to capture was the love. So much love. Michelle and Steve have such an easy way about them- it’s obvious that they’re crazy about each other. Take a look at some of our favorite pictures from the day, and you’ll see what we saw all day- a couple that was simply meant to be. Enjoy!

Jaci & Chris Get Hitched!

On October 7th, 2017 two amazing people got hitched and I couldn't have imagined the crazy, fun party I was in for! I knew it was going to be an awesome farm wedding but I guess it really hit home when I pulled up to the house for the ladies "getting ready" photos and the first thing that greeted me was a beautiful rustic tractor in the front lawn. "Oh yes, I'm taking photos of that," my inner photographer plotted.

Note the little tractor tattoo!

Note the little tractor tattoo!

Fast forward to the wedding (after many, many pops of champagne corks, laughs and glamification photos) where we pulled up to an expansive New Hartford, CT farm. Complete with red barn, rolling hills and scenic autumn foliage. This is where inner me starts happy dancing, plotting shots and drooling over every farm-ey fall detail, while slightly overwhelmed with excitement. "Ok chill, it's just a perfectly perfect farm in it's ideal fall environment on a deliciously cloudy day." She said to her crazy inner self.

Hay bails, and pumpkins, and fall leaves oh myyyyy!

Hay bails, and pumpkins, and fall leaves oh myyyyy!

Out of the car, camera in hand I walk up to the guys gathered around in one of the buildings where cocktails tables are set up, beer taps peek out of their own mini-barn structure and band members are getting ready (yes, they had a LIVE band!). Nervous energy, Bud lights, flowers being put on lapels. The guys are ready to go with the help of Amy Starr, the event coordinator. Time to load into the truck. We all head towards a giant lonely tree planted amongst the rolling hills in preparation for that sweet first look.


It feels like an entire day at this point but this is just the beginning. After bridal party photos, a few more sips of beer and a little break we headed over to another tree where they vowed, kissed and got ready to party. Did I mention the rainbow? Yea, I guess this day just got even more perfect.

(Oct 07 2017 02-20 PM)NIKON CORPORATION NIKON D50086419456.jpg
(Oct 07 2017 02-35 PM)NIKON CORPORATION NIKON D50096552448.jpg

Even more photos, food, beers and some lovely speeches, perhaps a couple of tears, it was, in the wise words of Wayne's World, "Party time, excellent." Jaci and Chris got to dance the night away with their closest friends and family.

(Oct 07 2017 06-49 PM)NIKON CORPORATION NIKON D50042029056.jpg

I'm so honored to have been a little part of this special day. Every detail was absolutely perfect and I felt so spoiled as a photographer to have such a wonderful bunch of people to work with. Amy Starr was one of them. From the decor to the custom Snapchat filter to the place settings and all the who's, what's and where's. Amy knew it all and had it all. Even a few extra batteries for yours truly and some extra pins for boutonnieres. It's those little details that make the day run so smoothly and I cannot recommend enough. 

Cheers to Jaci and Chris on your greatest adventure yet! 

PS. There were also Faddys Donuts. I ate three of them. They were amazing. 

Elizabeth & Jason's Engagement Shoot

With just a week to go to their wedding, Melissa met Elizabeth and Jason at gorgeous Elizabeth Park in Hartford for a quick Engagement session. Jason is in the Air Force and had been stationed in Colorado, so we have been unable to do their engagement session until now. For me, it was a wonderful excuse to spend some time with one of my favorite couples, and for them it was a great opportunity to snuggle and make out- It was a great morning for us all! With the warm weather we've had lately, Elizabeth Park transformed into a magical fall dreamscape, perfect to showcase the love these two have for each other. Enjoy!

Oh-my, O'Connell!

They say you always remember your first. For us here at Whimsical Studios, our first wedding as a photography team was that of the O'Connells- and if we say so ourselves, quite the success. As far as firsts go, we could not have gotten a better couple to work with. From the moment we first met with them, we thought we had died and ended up in photography heaven. Not only were they hilarious, warm, and fun to be around, Megan and Tom were a DREAM to photograph because of their easy nature and ability to make every moment one to remember.

On their wedding day, Megan and Tom (along with their amazing family and bridal parties) made our job as photographers easy. Just take a look, you'll see why we were so happy to have Megan and Tom as our first. 

Among the Acres Band Promotional Shoot

Last weekend we had the pleasurable task of taking promotional pictures for a local folk rock band, Among the Acres. Not only are they an incredibly talented foursome, they’re also just really goofy, kind, and hilarious. Erik, Greg, Sean and Michael each bring their talents and influences together to create a truly unique sound, defined by cascading vocal harmonies, intricate string melodies, and a strong desire to “groove”.

Melissa met Michael (One of the lead singers) about 8 years ago when they lived in the same apartment building. Just over 2 years ago, Michael sang at Melissa’s wedding (and completely ROCKED it), and ever since Melissa has been looking for a way to be able to thank him for the fantastic job he did. When Michael approached us about possibly doing promo shots for his new band, Melissa figured that this would be the best way to thank him- so, promo shots ensued!

While this was our first venture into band photography, we are just so happy with how these pictures came out! It definitely helps that the guys are just oh so much fun to spend time with. In between bouts of laughter, South Park quotes, and random jam sessions, we were able to capture the true essence of Among the Acres: their incredible talent and passion for music.


LaChapelle-McBride McFamily!!

One of the best things about being a photographer is being able to capture moments of pure happiness. Melissa was able to capture SEVERAL of those moments a couple of weeks ago with Matt & Jaimie, their son Maxwell, and Jaimie's mom, Doreen when they met at beautiful Wickham Park in Manchester. Also- with Maxwell turning 2 and Matt & Jaimie's wedding coming up next year- there was a lot to celebrate and be happy for. Enjoy!