Among the Acres Band Promotional Shoot

Last weekend we had the pleasurable task of taking promotional pictures for a local folk rock band, Among the Acres. Not only are they an incredibly talented foursome, they’re also just really goofy, kind, and hilarious. Erik, Greg, Sean and Michael each bring their talents and influences together to create a truly unique sound, defined by cascading vocal harmonies, intricate string melodies, and a strong desire to “groove”.

Melissa met Michael (One of the lead singers) about 8 years ago when they lived in the same apartment building. Just over 2 years ago, Michael sang at Melissa’s wedding (and completely ROCKED it), and ever since Melissa has been looking for a way to be able to thank him for the fantastic job he did. When Michael approached us about possibly doing promo shots for his new band, Melissa figured that this would be the best way to thank him- so, promo shots ensued!

While this was our first venture into band photography, we are just so happy with how these pictures came out! It definitely helps that the guys are just oh so much fun to spend time with. In between bouts of laughter, South Park quotes, and random jam sessions, we were able to capture the true essence of Among the Acres: their incredible talent and passion for music.