Jaci & Chris Get Hitched!

On October 7th, 2017 two amazing people got hitched and I couldn't have imagined the crazy, fun party I was in for! I knew it was going to be an awesome farm wedding but I guess it really hit home when I pulled up to the house for the ladies "getting ready" photos and the first thing that greeted me was a beautiful rustic tractor in the front lawn. "Oh yes, I'm taking photos of that," my inner photographer plotted.

Note the little tractor tattoo!

Note the little tractor tattoo!

Fast forward to the wedding (after many, many pops of champagne corks, laughs and glamification photos) where we pulled up to an expansive New Hartford, CT farm. Complete with red barn, rolling hills and scenic autumn foliage. This is where inner me starts happy dancing, plotting shots and drooling over every farm-ey fall detail, while slightly overwhelmed with excitement. "Ok chill, it's just a perfectly perfect farm in it's ideal fall environment on a deliciously cloudy day." She said to her crazy inner self.

Hay bails, and pumpkins, and fall leaves oh myyyyy!

Hay bails, and pumpkins, and fall leaves oh myyyyy!

Out of the car, camera in hand I walk up to the guys gathered around in one of the buildings where cocktails tables are set up, beer taps peek out of their own mini-barn structure and band members are getting ready (yes, they had a LIVE band!). Nervous energy, Bud lights, flowers being put on lapels. The guys are ready to go with the help of Amy Starr, the event coordinator. Time to load into the truck. We all head towards a giant lonely tree planted amongst the rolling hills in preparation for that sweet first look.


It feels like an entire day at this point but this is just the beginning. After bridal party photos, a few more sips of beer and a little break we headed over to another tree where they vowed, kissed and got ready to party. Did I mention the rainbow? Yea, I guess this day just got even more perfect.

(Oct 07 2017 02-20 PM)NIKON CORPORATION NIKON D50086419456.jpg
(Oct 07 2017 02-35 PM)NIKON CORPORATION NIKON D50096552448.jpg

Even more photos, food, beers and some lovely speeches, perhaps a couple of tears, it was, in the wise words of Wayne's World, "Party time, excellent." Jaci and Chris got to dance the night away with their closest friends and family.

(Oct 07 2017 06-49 PM)NIKON CORPORATION NIKON D50042029056.jpg

I'm so honored to have been a little part of this special day. Every detail was absolutely perfect and I felt so spoiled as a photographer to have such a wonderful bunch of people to work with. Amy Starr was one of them. From the decor to the custom Snapchat filter to the place settings and all the who's, what's and where's. Amy knew it all and had it all. Even a few extra batteries for yours truly and some extra pins for boutonnieres. It's those little details that make the day run so smoothly and I cannot recommend www.eventswithastarr.com enough. 

Cheers to Jaci and Chris on your greatest adventure yet! 

PS. There were also Faddys Donuts. I ate three of them. They were amazing.