Erica & Steve, a "Cheesy" Love Story

It was a gloomy day in late summer. Clouds in the sky and misty precipitation. Not the day a beach bride-to-be imagined. Yet, that was not going to stop this from being the best day ever! After some Beyonce jams, a few glasses of champagne, laughs and deep breaths our bride was on her way to the beautiful Madison Surf Club to meet her handsome husband-to-be. Erica takes a little stroll along the beach with her parents - but this time it's to marry her best friend. Cue the I dos, the kiss and then the best party I've ever been to. As the photographer I try to stay in the background but with this crowd it was impossible! They were offering me drinks, pushing me to dance and feeding me pizza. Yes, PIZZA! Only the coolest couples hire the New Haven Pizza truck to cater their wedding - so that's exactly what they did. Erica and Steve didn't cut the cake but they did grab a slice and feed it to each other. As we were laughing, eating pizza and taking photos I remember Steve saying "This feels just like home" and I think that's what true love really is. Home.